On 31/01/2020 in Włodzimierzów - one of the centers that will host the best volleyball players during the Beach Volleyball World Deaf World Championships, the most important cultural, tourist and sports events in the life of the Sulejów commune at the turn of 2018-2019 were summarized. The mayor, Mr. Wojciech Ostrowski, especially emphasized the sports successes of the commune and the city, and these certainly include winning the right to organize the World Championships of the Deaf in beach volleyball for women and men, which will be held in Sulejów on August 9-15, 2020. The chairman of the City Council in Sulejów also spoke about sport. Bartosz Borkowski mentioned cooperation with the Polish Association of Deaf Sports. We want to promote not only the sport of able-bodied but also disabled people. An example can be the 2019 high-level Polish Deaf Beach Volleyball Championships for women and men organized by the City Hall of Sulejów, and enabling beach volleyball players with physical disabilities to prepare for the World Cup in Kazakhstan in 2018 (the Polish national team won gold medals of the Cup then Of the world - one of the gold medalists was the current coach of ŁKSG Łódź). The representatives of the Polish Deaf Sports Association during the Friday evening meeting were the Vice President of the Association, Mr. Tomasz Włodarczyk, and the coach of the Łódź Deaf Sports Club, Łukasz Zieliński. The first of them received thanks to the Polish Deaf Sports Association for the cooperation so far and for enabling the organization of the Polish and World Championships of the Deaf in beach volleyball of the City Hall of Sulejów. The second was awarded for the promotion and propagation of beach volleyball in the Sulejów City Hall. We are very grateful to the authorities of the City of Sulejów for promoting the sport of deaf people. We hope that the Women's and Men's Deaf World Volleyball World Championship in August 2020 will go down in history as innovative and remarkable. We cordially invite everyone to support not only our representatives but also other participants of the competition. Let's create an unforgettable atmosphere in the center of richly touristic and sightseeing Poland.



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